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Arrival of the Catharsis
Date: 207.286 iky

The Hatel Catharsis, a Messier-class Discovery Craft recently outfitted with a planehopping drive, reaches Thessia after a ten-year journey from the nearest outpost, at the invitation of the Lyrisclensiae. Aboard are two hundred thousand Hatel, fifty thousand Telai, ten thousand Sin-koi, one thousand Ritzang, and three hundred Lyrisclensiae. After the arrival of the Kafin the following year, they would settle on the northwest coast, creating the nation of Torgezil. The Catharsis was not the first Hatelese vehicle to enter the Expanse (being preceded by Serena tel MoukarhĂ­m's shuttle and the Astroturfer by hundreds of years) but it was the first official presence of the Cassiopeia Treaty Organization.