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Worlds of the Expanse
Wanisin is a land of staggering beauty and contrast: at its most sophisticated, the planet is home to towering skyscrapers of glass and steel, peopled by shrewd aristocrats of immense wealth and wisdom who trade in cultural artifacts and innovations envied throughout the Expanse. But turn the spyglass only slightly, and the observer is certain to notice that this nobility is a paranoid one, dressed in heavy, plated armor and never without a poison-tipped blade, ready at any moment to plunge into the back of a rival.

In the streets below, lined with simple stone houses that rise out of the dense, jungle-like wetlands, people know nothing of these strange struggles in the glass towers. They live day to day in the duties of their castes, bearing professions that at best would suggest a medieval society—many little more than peasants. Few have seen nobles, and are more likely instead to be familiar with the words of important mystics, who may range in credibility from the most serious, factual scholars to the worst, fortune-telling charlatans.

Indeed, if it were not for the presence of shuttlecraft overhead and laser-wielding soldiers guarding important buildings, one might be very inclined to mistake Wanisin for an entirely far less developed world.

Cultures While Wanisin is mostly populated by the egrekelai, it is home to many diverse customs and sects with sometimes very different ideas about how the planet should be run.
Ecology Wanisin's native biodiversity is predominantly autotrophic, with motile organisms being limited to heterotrophs. Owing to its extraordinary biochemical compatibility with Terran organisms, numerous species of plants and animals have been introduced without serious consequences.
History of Wanisin Consisting of three major eras: Pre-Settlement, Early Imperial, and Post-Contact.
Locations From the frozen rainforests of Zavela to the blistering desert of Kelonra, life on Wanisin is an endless fight for survival.
Military An integral part of Imperial Wanisin, the fight for control over the planet's armies often decided succession to the throne.

Wanisinese The primary language of the egrekelai of Wanisin, forged by mixing Lilitika Illeran further with Sotaní Oksirapho.