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Restructuring Lilitika
2015-05-18 16:04:53

Restructuring Lilitika

Two related announcements:

1. I now really, really dislike Archaic Lilitic as a family of languages.
2. The script traditionally known as títina (internally, ADX revision 5) has a lot of ductus issues that, as a certain Swiss gentleman has pointed out, liberally violate my own criticisms of many other conscripts.

So! There is going to be some reworking. A new script has already been tendered, and posted on Annie, named KAL. It has many of the familiar features of the old script, and a number of the letters have visible relationships with their forerunners, but the two-track layout has mostly been dropped, and the strong descending diagonal lines are out, removing much of the Hieriatic feel of the script and emphasizing a stronger Greek connection. (If it's not clear in the chart, it'll be clear in the samples.) I'm not 100% settled on it, but so far it seems promising. If it's going to change, it'll probably be in the name of finding more Arabicness.

As for the language redevelopment... that might take a bit more work. Oksirapho absolutely needs to be defined for Lilitic literature to take shape, and it's very obvious that Archaic Lilitika is grossly inadequate and far too inefficient for serious writing. In all likelihood, I'll probably just gerrymander some dates: extending the Venrafivía period almost to the start of the nomadic era and start Sarasí off during it, before the end of the first century, all backed by a much richer landscape of both grammatical and lexical etymologies. Fingers crossed!
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