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zethepa, n. Forest, wilderness.

usage: Originally a contraction of the cumbersome zelthelepelía, or 'true garden,' this term was used specifically to refer to wild congregations of Terran trees envisioned in dreams. It does not refer to forests of zelekhabra trees, which would be described as zelekhabríai.

etymology: zel- + thelepelíu
attestation: As early as 5-10 lilpo.
See inflection scheme: iomanazinení noun
See inflection scheme: sarasí noun
See inflection scheme: zeyetaní noun
See inflection scheme: íomanazinení verb

related: turellu, thelepelíu
tags: noun, concrete, ecology, biology, gardening, living, location, plant
reverse terms: forest, jungle, rainforest, wilderness, woodlands, woods