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Lilitika Dictionary
The semantic space of chromatic terminology in Lilitika comes from three key sources: perception of the spectrum visible to the human eye, perception of spectrum visible to the Oksian eye, and the temperament symbology assigned to each colour by Lilitic culture. The major cultural source of symbolic meaning is Sarthía, though other poets have also contributed definitions, refined boundaries, and generated specific associations over time. Many allusions are made to both objects found on Ksreskézo, including the sky and extinct plants, though some newer associations, relating to Terran plants, space travel, and the new culture, have also been employed by poets.

The following dictionary entries are tagged color:

aléfa, n. Absolute darkness; hopelessness.
alekhra, n. Greyscale.
alemana, n. Grey (neutral; impartial).
alerotémanu, n. Turquoise; experimentalness.
bosekhrí, a. Colorful.
dzheru, n. Red; passionateness.
dzhethu, n. Purple; imaginative playfulness.
eginu, n. Spectrum.
féyeru, n. Lightness.
fígestrímanu, n. Beige.
fírezu, n. Alternative spelling of fíyérezu.
fíyérezu, n. White.
fíyéthu, n. Pink; quiet intimateness.
galu, n. Yellow; confident, natural determination.
géru, n. Orange; assertive protectiveness.
gestrímanu, n. Brown; smugness or hubris.
kagalu, n. Chartreuse, olive, or any yellow-green; confident, enthusiastic courage.
karina, n. Rainbow.
karu, n. Color (alternative spelling of khru).
khralé, v. To tinge; to tint.
khréyeru, n. Saturation.
khru, n. Color.
kleru, n. Stripe.
klinu, n. Green; adventerousness.
lúdenlu, n. Black; usually connoting richness and fertility.
lúdí, a. Dark (of a paint); highly concentrated (of an ink).
múklerasa, n. (plural) Stripes of black and white notionally associated with sadomasochism.
nadí, a. Thin (of a paint); diluted (of an ink).
nethu, n. Magenta; dreaminess or foggy-headed lustiness.
rotesu, n. Cyan; diligentness.
sofathahé, v. To darken (by losing light) (passive/reflexive).
sofathé, v. To darken (by losing light) (active).
sokrathahé, v. To lighten (by losing pigment) (passive/reflexive).
sokrathé, v. To lighten (by losing pigment) (active).
solékhru, n. Lack of saturation.
talfathé, v. To flash.
yéfathahé, v. To brighten (by gaining light) (passive/reflexive).
yéfathé, v. To brighten (by gaining light) (active).
yélúdenthahé, v. To darken (by gaining pigment) (passive/reflexive).
yélúdenthé, v. To darken (by gaining pigment) (active).
yúlikhru, n. Exact shade (of a color).
zípu, n. Blue; introspection or introspective seriousness.
zíthu, n. Violet; constructiveness or thoughtfulness.