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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged pronoun:

dzu, n. What.
éha, n. Ketalán equivalent to tsu.
eliku, n. That way.
élíu, n. There.
élu, n. That; there.
étalu, n. Then.
hedu, n. About, regarding, which speaks of.
línu, n. Her/its/his/their things.
lu, n. He; she; it; they.
mílu, n. One (pronoun); contracted from + lu.
místu, n. Polite impersonal pronoun.
mu, n. Impersonal pronoun.
oliku, n. This way.
olíu, n. Here.
olu, n. This; here.
oshu, n. For the purpose of.
otalu, n. Now.
rínu, n. Your things.
ru, n. You; thou.
sesu, n. Relative pronoun that refers to a relationship.
sínu, n. My things.
su, n. I; we.
súnu, n. Ketalán equivalent to tsilu.
swu, n. A variant of tsilu (see grammar) indicating an incidental or tangential observation.
tsilu, n. Which.
tsu, n. The event of.
tu, n. Distant second or close third person pronoun.
túu, n. Distant second person (Ketablinán dialect)
uvíu, n. Self; indicates reflexivity on the subject of the sentence.