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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged intransitive:

adíhoé, v. To breathe.
afoé, v. To swallow.
ahé, v. To change.
akonedubé, v. To menstruate.
alaifoiné, v. To swallow.
alaksé, v. To dip the head indicating yes or acceptance.
alañgé, v. To go down, to descend.
albedé, v. To be idle; to not flow; to have no work or inspiration; to be dried up (of a river).
alenzegé, v. To evacuate.
alígé, v. To flee, to run away, to retreat.
alonegé, v. To exit.
alpoloñé, v. Intransitively, to be preoccupied with anger; transitively, to seethe with rage at someone or something.
althanagé, v. Of a word, sentence, or clause, to span two or more lines in a poem; enjambment.
alúé, v. To jump.
amindé, v. To dance with a lover.
apogé, v. To enter.
bedé, v. To flow; to water; to release a flow.
bepté, v. To dribble or drip.
dúpé, v. To fall.
dúteshé, v. To be sad; to be gripped with sorrow.
ekahé, v. To transform; to change the shape of something.
enraué, v. To coo or chirp, usually for inquisitive or compassionate reasons.
epokúgreshé, v. To experience a spinal chill.
époteté, v. To thrive; to live with joy.
étavé, v. To happen (of an event).
fathé, v. To glow; to make light.
fertindé, v. To dance in an artistic display.
flasé ke, v. To hold hands together.
flasové, v. To curl.
haké, v. To gasp.
híédzhé, v. To specify two noun clauses with the same grammatical case with the intention of equating them; the literary device of apposition.
íanflasé, v. To climb or ascend.
indé, v. To dance, especially for celebration or entertainment.
keroé, v. To coincide.
kethavhé, v. To swell.
kleté, v. To snap into place; to emit a clicking sound; to finish (as a variant of klaté).
koissaremé, v. To take refuge or hide.
koissezarlemé, v. To take refuge; to stow away; to steal shelter; to squat.
koissezmerlé, v. To find home (generally by instinct).
konúbé, v. To act (in a play).
kyepteshé, v. To flicker.
kyetahé, v. To mutate; to change spontaneously over time as a result of influences.
kyetavé, v. To happen or occur periodically.
lizé, v. To shift or move slightly.
lúthogé, v. To transfer oneself; to move between.
menshúé, v. To blow glass.
mohé, v. To endure.
moloé, v. To sit.
nabedé, v. To jam; to cease flowing due to blockage; to get stuck.
napthelé, v. To bathe.
natrúthé, v. To disappear.
nohé, v. To stay.
onvusaré, v. To apply mathematical knowledge to a problem.
piteshé, v. To blink.
sanahé, v. To come, to approach.
shúmaré, v. To ride the wind.
shúmatké, v. To spread wings, usually to appear threatening.
shúmegé, v. To fly, or to pilot a small shuttle or fighter craft.
soimahé, v. To lose passion gradually; to grow cold.
stekúgreshé, v. To shiver.
stillamaté, v. To come into union with the divine (theosis).
stillathaé, v. To become a deity (apotheosis).
stillindé, v. To perform a ritual dance.
súkavé, v. To match in number, quantity, or amount; to equal.
suntúé, v. To prepare.
taigé, v. To cling; to dangle while clinging.
teblé, v. To walk.
telíbé, v. To flower; to enter puberty.
teté, v. To live, to experience (somewhat archaic).
tetepé, v. To begin living.
tethahé, v. To evolve.
tetnagendé, v. To adapt, either a specific feature or under a set of circumstances.
thelekhteshé, v. To grow.
thimkedé, v. To smelt or forge.
thovloé, v. To trip and fall.
tiperé, v. To see a reflection of something; to reflect on oneself and one's actions.
trúthé, v. To become visible; to (suddenly) appear.
tshentúé, v. To do post-work; usually to clean up after, to refine details, or to debrief.
túzegé, v. To travel by foot.
-uloé, suf. To use ~ (N to V.)
-uvé, suf. To be ~ (N to V.) Note that nouns ending in -pu will be shortened to -bé instead of -puvé.
vanthelúé, v. To atone.
venzhofé, v. To crumble.
zanlé, v. To bring about justice.
zelaisithé, v. To arbitrate, mediate, or judge a debate.
zeltetíré, v. To be alive; to live presently (to have life.)
zelvanlé (alañgrikhe), v. To bring about justice.
zhampebé, v. To renew travel; to leave (with proper custom.)
zhíloté, v. To regrow after a drought or winter.
zúbeshé, v. To swell or expand.