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Lilitika Dictionary

The following dictionary entries are tagged math:

alémanazarobí, a. Intractable.
alémarobí, a. Intractable.
alestígí, a. Random; without greater purpose.
alezhofarobí, a. Indivisible.
alsoithebé, v. To perform integral calculus on an equation.
alsovéu, n. Solid sphere; ball.
dosé, v. To circle; to orbit.
eveñgsu, n. Scale; magnitude.
eveñkúgwé, v. To vibrate.
flúsu, n. Angle.
gendagúveru, n. Displacement vector.
héveru, n. Matrix.
inshézu, n. Lemma; sub-problem; crisis; a question or challenge that must be resolved before another (larger) issue, particularly of a philosophical or mathematical nature.
kegidtu, n. Leaf node.
kenzu, n. Distance; extent.
kipagúveru, n. Coordinates; location; position; system state.
kokúé, v. To satisfy.
kúgwé, v. To oscillate.
lebivu, n. Graph.
litswu, n. Quantity.
madzhidtu, n. Tree or graph node.
manzaru, n. Tree or graph edge.
mazitru, n. Tree.
natúé, v. To subtract or remove.
núé, v. To add or append.
oidu, n. Statistical estimator.
onvekúé, v. To calculate or compute.
onveredzhu, n. The study of mathematics and patterns.
onvusaré, v. To apply mathematical knowledge to a problem.
pevidtu, n. Root node.
súíu, n. Number.
súkavé, v. To match in number, quantity, or amount; to equal.
súlivu, n. Logical or mathematical set.
súnarubé, v. To derive, or to perform differential calculus on an equation.
súveru, n. Vector.
tekré, v. To modulate; to alter a pattern.
tosúlivu, n. Numeric or character string.
tsovéu, n. Hollow sphere.
úmínu, n. Encryption/decryption key.
-veru, suf. Vector suffix; not to be confused with the noun súveru.
yerúé, v. To multiply.
zhé, m. Fraction separator.
zhofúé, v. To divide.