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Laní Ethika
Derivations I
In its early stages, Lilitika was a planned language, designed by a team of poets and grammarians known as the Survika. Among their ambitions for the new tongue were that it should be oligosynthetic, i.e. deriving as much vocabulary as possible from as small a nucleus of morphemes as possible. This goal was not thoroughly realised, although traces of it are visible in even the vocabulary we have studied so far—stilla is a combination of stu (person) with illu (idea).

Lilitika remained a language with many highly productive affixes, however, and a fluent speaker would regularly pluck two or three new words out of the air each day to suit her needs. These coinages would be comprehensible to her audience because of the rich variety of morphemes available to use as building blocks, even if the words themselves had never been uttered or written before.