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Lilitika Dictionary
Note that most adjectives can be converted into an adverb by replacing the stem. See Lilitika Grammar for various adverb stems.

The following dictionary entries are tagged adverb:

alya, adv. Not to; see alez-.
dzuvê, ex. With regards to the situation at hand; what is currently being done; presently; now; already; anyway.
enzigya, adv. Certainly.
érezai, adv. Mostly; predominantly; largely.
hedí, pm. About, regarding, which speaks of.
hemai, adv. Even, still (emphasising a comparative).
iféya, adv. Want to; see ifez-.
íléú, m. As if.
kerai, adv. Together (in association or combination).
keryú, adv. Distributive; the next adjective applies to the following nouns and genitives.
ketelai, adv. Together (at the same time and place).
natya, adv. Undo; see nato-.
níyú, adv. Even ~; one might go so far as to say ~; perhaps maybe ~.
noyú, adv. Still; even now.
ossiya, adv. Compelled by universe to; see ossez-.
réya, adv. Compelled to; see rez-.
rizeya, adv. Required to; see riz-.