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Lilitika Dictionary
particle modifier

The following dictionary entries are tagged particle modifier:

alez, pm. Not.
alíes, pm. Against; moving in the opposite direction of.
alones, pm. Outside of.
althoies, pm. Across.
ap-, pre. Equivalent to "in ~ing/ment" (V to PM) prepositional phrases.
ap', proc. See ap-.
aperines, pm. In theory.
apes, pm. Within (implying a non-hollow container).
apilles, pm. In principle.
apokhes, pm. In spirit, intention, or feeling.
apostekes, pm. In the flesh.
apozelines, pm. In reality/practice.
aves, pm. Via the method of (with the instrumental case).
dekes, pm. Before.
epones, pm. Surrounding.
éthíes, pm. By, written by, created by, done by.
felses, pm. Physically preceding.
fínanes, pm. Despite ~ (generally with the instrumental case).
glines, pm. Adjacent to.
hedí, pm. About, regarding, which speaks of.
híelemes, pm. Alongside; moving with.
híeles, pm. Beside, at the side of.
híemes, pm. Archaic transitional abbreviation of híelemes.
híes, pm. Alongside; moving with.
ilaltes, pm. Later; in the future.
íoies, pm. By the command/request of, out of respect for.
íois, pm. By the command/request of, out of respect for (shortened form).
iraltes, pm. Ago.
kelsanes, pm. Beyond.
kelses, pm. Physically following.
kenzes, pm. For or until an accomplishment of ~.
kez- (2), pre. Because of being compelled by ~.
kezes, pm. Because.
khoses, pm. Far from.
kibúes, pm. In time with, in concert with, in beat with (using the instrumental case).
kipes, pm. At; in; on; exactly with.
koa, pm. ~-like, ~-ish.
koines, pm. Amongst or moving through.
kwes, pm. Because.
leges, pm. Upon, atop, resting on.
leres, pm. Over, above.
les, pm. During.
lotanes, pm. Moving leftward from.
lotes, pm. At the left of.
lúhaies, pm. Between.
mares, pm. Moving toward.
mes, pm. At.
nat, pm. Minus; except; but.
neptes, pm. After.
oshes, pm. For the utility/convenience/purpose of.
sandes, pm. Around or moving around.
sanes, pm. Near to.
síves, pm. Top.
sovemes, pm. Moving rightward from.
soves, pm. At the right of.
survanes, pm. Moving forward from.
surves, pm. In front of.
tes, pm. In the perspective of.
thoies, pm. Through (by using); generally used as an intensifier with the instrumental case.
trobes, pm. Bottom.
tshelvanes, pm. Moving backward from.
tshelves, pm. At the back of.
tsoines, pm. Within (implying a hollow space).
úebes, pm. Using (with instrumental case).
veges, pm. Beneath, clinging to the bottom of, hanging from.
venes, pm. Under.
wes, pm. When.
wistes, pm. Against; opposite.
zeves, pm. Through being (with the instrumental case).
zhoa, pm. As ~, functioning analogously to ~.