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01-01: (3274 iky) the Shattering occurs, irreversibly changing the future, face, and shape of Thet.
01-01: (2500 tgc) official end of the Regení Bízanlekía (Reed Delegacy), the first stable postlapsarian government in the archipelago.
01-08: (4952 tgc) the Gryphon Republic launches an assault on Archiva, marking its first territorial expansion outside of the Iron-era province of Mota.
01-09: (792 tgc) After being cut off from the outside universe for twelve thousand years, Wanisin makes contact with the greater Expanse for the first time since quarantine by the Hatelese Commonwealth, setting off a series of events that would eventually result in war with Illera.
02-02: (1305 tgc) a major fire in Archiva forces evacuation of the city and surrounding chain due to concerns of atmosphere depletion.
02-08: (5017 tgc) in prelude to the second Thessian-Hogedepi war, the Globkhro Federation disintegrates under the renewed strength of the Hogedepi military.
02-09: (0 tgc) The archipelago is officially declared safe by the Collegium of Lilikoisa for temporary habitation.
02-12: (0 tgc) Refugees from Thessia Major begin to return to the inner rings, particularly Chelvani Doisseia (Dis).
03-11: (903 tgc) Explorers around Archiva first document observations of the inner workings of a greater Myengosome.
04-03: Lesser Myengosome 77·11·2 suffers a containment breach, destroying parts of Ocula Station.
04-05: Phantasia Aurora, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitu Atshogía'l asa Neptrúekha (Dawn of the Ghosts) celebration.
06-01: Assimilation of the Noctians by the Lyrisians and subsequent evacuation of Nox.
06-04: Akofama Zofis, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitu Zhofedí Lemperí Venakoa (Broken Mirror Night) celebration.
06-10: (67891 lky) the Grand War ends with the obliteration of the Ksreskézai and Tletketti by the Hogedep.
06-12: (0 tgc) The last survivors leave the ruins of Kunanoten.
07-04: (1309 tgc) Resettlement of the city that would eventually be known as Mota.
07-09: (5019 tgc) the Iron Empire mounts its final defence of Regenelía.
07-10: (5019 tgc) the Gryphon Republic captures Regenelía, pushing the remains of the Iron Empire into the territory surrounding Dis.
09-01: First day of Jemessa, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitu Dzhemesselía celebration.
09-08: (603 iky) the VLW begins accepting non-Lilitu students.
09-08: (24 tgc) death of Locussa Didacta.
09-09: (79 tgc) death of the Pesenese engineer Myenga.
09-10: (50 tgc) founding of the Reed Delegacy, the archipelago's first stable national government.
09-10: (4941 tgc) birth of Ivilon Desqrit, founder of the Gryphon Movement and first president of the Gryphon Republic.
09-10: (208 iky) Torgezil is founded, greatly increasing the diversity of Cossipan ships that visit the Expanse and trade with Thet.
09-11: (17 tgc) death of Numeria Venetia, mentor of Anastasia Dextra and founder of the Reed Delegacy.
09-12: (68044 lky) the Globkhro Federation holds it first elections for leadership.
09-12: Last day of the Jemessa afterperiod, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitic Valentine's Day.
10-01: (3189 iky) birth of Anastasia Dextra.
10-10: (132 iky) death of Admiral Ekhessa Salnúkzoa Wistokía.
10-11: (207 iky) The Hatel ship Catharsis arrives at Thessia Major, greatly hastening development of trade between the Expanse and outside cultures.
11-03: First day of Coma Vendasran, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitu Vendashrí Tshemsha (Remembrance of the Exodus) arts festival.
11-04: Last day of Coma Vendasran, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitu Vendashrí Tshemsha (Remembrance of the Exodus) arts festival.
11-12: Sogi Touza, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitu Alígosía'l Trotúzasa (Hunting of the Roots) pageant.
12-06: First day of Daioniza, the largest Hatel festival celebrated in the Expanse.
12-07: Second day of the Hatel festival of Daioniza.
12-08: Third and final day of the Hatel Daioniza festival.
12-09: (1 tgc) Anniversary of Myenga's pilgrimage to the outer rim of the Archipelago to survey the planar instabilities.
12-11: Akofama, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitu Ketabazainí Akofama (Wanderers' Reflection) pageant.
12-12: (306 tgc) Symbol and Leonidas, the twin Psyches of Collegía, are brought online.