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01-01: (3274 iky) the Shattering occurs, irreversibly changing the future, face, and shape of Thet.
01-01: (2500 tgc) official end of the Regení Bízanlekía (Reed Delegacy), the first stable postlapsarian government in the archipelago.
01-08: (4952 tgc) the Gryphon Republic launches an assault on Archiva, marking its first territorial expansion outside of the Iron-era province of Mota.
02-02: (1305 tgc) a major fire in Archiva forces evacuation of the city and surrounding chain due to concerns of atmosphere depletion.
02-08: (5017 tgc) in prelude to the second Thessian-Hogedepi war, the Globkhro Federation disintegrates under the renewed strength of the Hogedepi military.
02-09: (0 tgc) The archipelago is officially declared safe by the Collegium of Lilikoisa for temporary habitation.
02-12: (0 tgc) Refugees from Thessia Major begin to return to the inner rings, particularly Chelvani Doisseia (Dis).
03-11: (903 tgc) Explorers around Archiva first document observations of the inner workings of a greater Myengosome.
04-03: Lesser Myengosome 77·11·2 suffers a containment breach, destroying parts of Ocula Station.
04-05: Phantasia Aurora, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitu Atshogía'l asa Neptrúekha (Dawn of the Ghosts) celebration.
06-01: Assimilation of the Noctians by the Lyrisians and subsequent evacuation of Nox.
06-04: Akofama Zofis, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitu Zhofedí Lemperí Venakoa (Broken Mirror Night) celebration.
06-10: (67891 lky) the Grand War ends with the obliteration of the Ksreskézai and Tletketti by the Hogedep.
06-12: (0 tgc) The last survivors leave the ruins of Kunanoten.
07-04: (1309 tgc) Resettlement of the city that would eventually be known as Mota.
07-09: (5019 tgc) the Iron Empire mounts its final defence of Regenelía.
07-10: (5019 tgc) the Gryphon Republic captures Regenelía, pushing the remains of the Iron Empire into the territory surrounding Dis.
09-01: First day of Jemessa, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitu Dzhemesselía celebration.
09-08: (603 iky) the VLW begins accepting non-Lilitu students.
09-08: (24 tgc) death of Locussa Didacta.
09-09: (79 tgc) death of the Pesenese engineer Myenga.
09-10: (50 tgc) founding of the Reed Delegacy, the archipelago's first stable national government.
09-10: (4941 tgc) birth of Ivilon Desqrit, founder of the Gryphon Movement and first president of the Gryphon Republic.
09-10: (208 iky) Torgezil is founded, greatly increasing the diversity of Cossipan ships that visit the Expanse and trade with Thet.
09-11: (17 tgc) death of Numeria Venetia, mentor of Anastasia Dextra and founder of the Reed Delegacy.
09-12: (68044 lky) the Globkhro Federation holds it first elections for leadership.
09-12: Last day of the Jemessa afterperiod, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitic Valentine's Day.
10-01: (3189 iky) birth of Anastasia Dextra.
10-10: (132 iky) death of Admiral Ekhessa Salnúkzoa Wistokía.
10-11: (207 iky) The Hatel ship Adventura arrives at Thessia Major, greatly hastening development of trade between the Expanse and outside cultures.
11-03: First day of Coma Vendasran, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitu Vendashrí Tshemsha (Remembrance of the Exodus) arts festival.
11-04: Last day of Coma Vendasran, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitu Vendashrí Tshemsha (Remembrance of the Exodus) arts festival.
11-12: Sogi Touza, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitu Alígosía'l Trotúzasa (Hunting of the Roots) pageant.
12-06: First day of Daioniza, the largest Hatel festival celebrated in the Expanse.
12-07: Second day of the Hatel festival of Daioniza.
12-08: Third and final day of the Hatel Daioniza festival.
12-09: (1 tgc) Anniversary of Myenga's pilgrimage to the outer rim of the Archipelago to survey the planar instabilities.
12-11: Akofama, the modern equivalent to the ancient Lilitu Ketabazainí Akofama (Wanderers' Reflection) pageant.