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Lilitika Dictionary
All words in the early Lilitic language.
eponzoka, n. Fear of being enclosed; fear of tight spaces; claustrophobia.
eposhedtu, n. Core.
Épotelía, n. The season of Summer or the middle rainy season, when plants thrive.
époteté, v. To thrive; to live with joy.
epou, n. Habit.
epsaré, v. To trigger.
-epzí, suf. From ~ward (noun PM to A).
Erdanno, n. Jordan.
érepé, v. To explore.
éreptsafé, v. To investigate.
érezai, adv. Mostly; predominantly; largely.
ériñko, n. Junk, garbage, useless stuff.
Erítréa, n. Eritrea.
erku, n. Inward.
erl-, pre. Inside.
erlizahé, v. To shift or squirm in response to emotional discomfort or excitement.
erlkoé, v. To employ internal rhyme, where one or more rhyme pairs occur within a single line.
êrûku, n. Orc.
ery-, pre. Inward.
ésareku, n. Professional relationship.
-esheneí, suf. ~ed; that which has been ~ed.
esolu, n. Alternative spelling of essolu.
espai litraité, v. To form or coin a word or phrase in a more compact form.
espí, a. Short in length.
espinu, n. The dimension pointed away from the point of reference's vision; depth.
espu, n. Length.
-esso, suf. Ephemera, impact, effect, coda, following of ~ (N to N).
essolu, n. Boredom.
este, n. Say.
estho, ex. I am bored.
éstillamata, n. Personal relationship with a goddess.
Estonía, n. Estonia.
éta-, pre. Non-instantaneous; over an interval.
étakéflasé, v. To bond socially.
étalu, n. Then.
étamatu, n. Relationship (generic term).
etan-, pre. Inspired; captured or held.
etanlé, v. To withhold.
etanshúa, n. All inhaled air.
etanshúé, v. To inhale.
étatopekaité, v. To pester or to bother for a period of time.
étavé, v. To happen (of an event).
étavine, n. Hypothetical sequence of events proposed as an explanation or plan, or the means through which divine forces indirectly shape the world.
eté, ex. I am sorry.
etesso, n. Echo.
éteteku, n. Personal relationship.
étharí, a. Interwoven; interleaved; twisted together.
Etharine, n. Web of interlinked causal chains.
ethé, v. To say.
éthelí, a. Alone; isolated; lonely; unadorned; bare; naked.
éthelsofé, v. To masturbate.
éthelzoka, n. Fear of isolation, loneliness, or friendlessness.
éthíes, pm. By, written by, created by, done by.
étrúlí, a. Appearing to be <noun>.
etsekhtíu, n. Apology.
étshefidtu, n. Lyric; words sung.
etsu, n. Machine word.
ettúa, n. Perspective, stance, viewpoint.
etusé, v. To apologise.
evaira, n. Tall cup for drinking wine.
evegzí, a. Small; having modest amounts of all applicable dimensions.
evegzilu, n. Urge to feel normal.
evegzu, n. Size.
éveku, n. Personal relationship.
eveñgsu, n. Scale; magnitude.
eveñkúgwé, v. To vibrate.
-eví, suf. nth.
evoné, v. To describe.
evrí, a. Shallow or short in height.
evrinu, n. The dimension crossing the point of reference's vision vertically.
evru, n. Height.
éwilu, n. Diary.
éyernatúé, v. To decrease.
éyernúé, v. To increase.
-éyeru, suf. Muchness of ~; abundance of ~ (N to N).
ézelhé, v. To make perfect.
ézelzígalu, n. Alternative viable (unexpected) solution.
ezheté, v. To nourish.
ezhetezu, n. Source of nourishment.
ezré, v. To do or perform the activity naturally associated with something.
-ezríu, suf. Forms an agent noun from a verb (V to N).
-ezu, suf. Casual or makeshift agent noun (V to N).
-ezzí, suf. At ~ward (noun PM to A).
fabvé, v. To refract.
fadúrugíu, n. FTL or lightspeed drive.
faltu, n. Music.
faltúbé, v. To sing, to give music.
famé, v. To sparkle with reflected light; to glitter.
fameneí, a. Glittering.
fanapso, n. Laser.
fanara, n. Light beam.
faru, n. Amount, either quantitative or qualitative.
fasé, v. To tighten.
faséríu, n. Spiral.
faséyeríu, n. Spiral (long form).
fasodu, n. Window.
fathé, v. To glow; to make light.
fatheneí, a. Luminescent.
fathezu, n. Light source.
fathíu, n. Light source.

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